Photo galleries of different design options with stucco

In order to give you an overview of the different design options with stucco, we have divided our photo galleries into the following categories. If you want to design your façade with stucco, please click the field that says 'Stucco for Exteriors'. If you need stucco for interiors then let the photos of the category 'Stucco for Interiors' impress you. If you are interested in having a look at our showrooms where all our products are exhibited then please click the sign 'Showrooms'. Have fun with the fascinating and versatile decoration element stucco!

Stucco for interiors

  • 01innenstuck_innen_5

Stucco for exteriors

  • Fassade_stuck_01


  • 001_schauraum


Casino Belgrad

  • 01_P1010479


  • 01_fassade_stuck_referenzen_bulgarien_2

Peternhof Kössen

  • stuck_referenzen_peternhof_1

Hämmerle Graz

  • 01_stuck_referenzen_hmgraz_8

Palais Coburg

  • 01_DSCN0215

Kastner & Öhler

  • 01_P1010656

Special facilities

  • 0P3H0290


  • 01stuckmanufaktur_fassade_nanish



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